2021 Graduate Job Application

Thinking about 2021 Graduate Job Application?

If it is the traditional “milk round” of another 2021 Graduate Job Application, our team can certainly help.  Whilst uni may only be getting started, graduate recruitment will soon be well under way.  Or if you are applying in 2021 Graduate Job Application process after taking a year or more away after graduating, our team can also support here.

For those of you in your final year of university, September to January is vital in terms of application, particularly for large companies and competitive industries. It is worth getting in early and not waiting until the end of the year to start thinking about where you want to apply.

When to Apply

  • Graduate Jobs: year-round, with seasonal peaks May – July / September – November.
  • Graduate Schemes: September the year before
  • Placements/Work Experience: year-round
  • Internships: September the year before

How can we help?

Employers commonly ask candidates to complete individualised applications for their graduate scheme or internships.  In the past it might have been possible to have a standard CV and merely tweak the cover letter.  Increased competition for places means that candidates have to work harder to det themselves part from other candidates and show employers that they how they are the best fit for the role.

Our team have lots of experience supporting candidates with their application.  This can range from developing your applicaton to 1:1 interview prep, so book a review call with our team to understand how we can help.