Applying for Graduate Scheme: Common Mistake


The mistakes that jobseekers commonly make tend to be same where you are applying for your first graduate position or more experienced in your career.  That does not mean that they do not bear repeating!  These mistakes are easily avoidable so do not let them be the reason to miss out on the role you want.

Our team work on academic and job applications daily and can offer a range of supports – from supporting candidates preparing personal statements to providing mock interviews for candidates.  Book a FREE review call to see how our team can help.

Poor spelling and grammar

In a world of online applications, candidates will be initially review on their written application.  It is absolutely crucial that all written interactions are of the highest quality.  How can you claim that you have strong attention to detail if your application and e-mail have a number of spelling misktaes(see what we did there?)

Proof-read, spell check and then show your family and friends.

Not following instructions

If you are in the middle of the graduate recruitment cycle, or you are applying for a large number of roles then this one is likely.  It can see in a blur of online  applications that every  employer just uses the same format and exact same questions.

If a employer has asked for a cover letter, a personal statement, a brief case study – make sure you have this included in your application.

Sending out generic applications

Our team support a large number of candidates in ensuring that their applications are tailored to the organisation that they are applying for.  Firms want to see that you made an effort to seek them out, researched the role you’re applying for and understand what they want from you.

Our team works to ensure your CV and covering materials are tailors to the values and strengths of the firm that you are employing These are characteristics of someone who really wants the job and will work hard to prove their worth – characteristics of a good employee.

Lack of professionalism

Aim to maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the application process and be consistent over all communicative platforms. Maintain the standard of your writing in emails, remain polite in interactions over the phone, return emails and phone calls promptly and dress appropriately for interviews.

Poorly written supporting materials

The cover letter acts as a tool for the employer to see if you are the perfect fit for that specific role. It should be concise and demonstrate skills that would be appropriate for the role e.g. if you’re applying for an HR position, these roles typically require you to be good with people, so you need to demonstrate you have these characteristics and what past work experience demanded this from you.

In graduate schemes, there is an increasing trend for candidates to provide a detailed personal statement, or they may be asked to discuss a company that they are interested in.  The employer here is testing the candidates ability to communicate succintly, not just listing their qualifications and their skills.  Our team can help support develop your supporting materials, linking these to the job requirements to give you the best chance of getting the job.

Not getting anywhere?

If you are not being invited to interview or to an assessment centre then it is likely that you CV and supporting materials(Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, personal statement) need an overhaul.  Our team have lots of experience in supporting candidates from first job to those seeking a promotion or a career change.

Whatever your stage on the job application journey, our team at Pain Free Personal Statements can help.  Book a FREE review call with us and we can discuss how our team may be able to support.  Also, check our our blog from some of the latest articles from the team.