Promotions & Career Change

Promotions & Career Change

We live in an age of breathless change. It is now estimated that the average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life. With an ever increasing number of career choices, 30% of the workforce will now change careers or jobs every 12 months. Don’t know where to start ? We are here to help for Career Statements !

Career Statements - Promotions & Career Change - Personal Statement

How can Pain Free Personal Career Statements Help?

Bespoke Career Statements

We work with you to develop and deliver a crafted and personalised statement in response to the person specification of the job /role you are applying for. The same goes for applications for internal promotions within your existing company.


Your statement will reflect your skills and achievements ensuring that your suitability for the post is clearly communicated to the recruitment panel. The personal statement is
a unique opportunity to convince, we can help you make the most of it.


Our team have worked with applicants from entry level jobs to senior positions in both the private and public sectors in the UK and beyond. Like many things in life, taking the first step towards a new career or an enhanced role within your existing employment can be challenging. Reaching out for our support will get you started!

What do we offer for Career Statements?

NO OBLIGATION: If after your call with our staff you don’t want to proceed, you can cancel your order and receive a FULL refund. Order Now!

What to know more about the process?

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