What is a CV?

  • What is a CV ? How do I write one to get me the job I am after ?

The term CV comes from Latin. It literally means “course of one’s life”. In 2021, a CV is a well-honed document which lists your key personal details. It includes your work history, education and training, skills and competencies.

Who uses a CV ?

Companies looking for staff, recruitment agencies are the two main users.

Who needs a CV ?

  • Are you a school leaver applying for your first job ?
  • Are you a ‘return-to-work’ mum hoping to restart your career ?
  • Are you a graduate starting your working life ?
  • Are you a person seeking a change of direction ?
  • Are you hoping to take a step up to achieve promotion ?

The truth is simple. Everyone needs a CV ! 

That is not 100% true. One CV will not suffice.

To be of real use to you, your CV needs to be a ‘living’ document.

A ‘living’ document is one which you update on a regular basis. Record your achievements in your current role as you go. Doing this gives you the essential detail you need when you decide to apply for a new position. It is amazing how much we forget so guard against that by recording, recording, recording.

Where do I start ?

Think about how you learnt to do anything – walk, talk, write, sing, swim. You got help from someone who already had the skill and then what did you do …….you practised and practised. As a child, you had the time and desire to learn. As an adult, you may not have these luxuries. You would appreciate some help. Our consultants at Pain Free Personal Statements can step in and support you. They will work alongside you to craft a winning statement. Stepping onto the bottom rung, stuck a few steps up or keen to move to a completely different ladder ? Help is available !

We offer a FREE review call – but hurry ! We are a small company offering a personalised service. We only take on work when we have the capacity to deliver the first-class service you deserve.