Breaking down your Personal Statement

How do your eat an elephant? In small bites.....

One of the key challenges is breaking down your personal statement into manageable sections

Pain Free Personal Statements offers you a sure fire way to nail this crucial part of your UCAS application.

Step 1:

Divide your personal statement into a number of short connected paragraphs – an opening paragraph, 2-3 paragraphs where you showcase your interest/academic ability/range of activities etc., a closing paragraph which sums up why you believe you have the qualities needed to succeed and possibly, a nod towards what you hope to do after graduation.

Step 2:

First impressions matter – so your opening paragraph should be succinct, original and memorable. 

It should contain two vital points – what course are you aiming to study/ why you have chosen this course ?

You want to ignite the curiosity of the reader/admissions tutor. Beginning with sentences such as “ I have always wanted to study medicine” won’t cut it. That’s where our consultants at Pain Free can help. Immensely skilled at uncovering deeper motivations, values and interests, they will help you discern what really matters.

Step 3:

Opening paragraph sorted – in the next paragraphs, take the opportunity to illustrate how you have broadened your knowledge about your chosen course through super-curricular activities. You will want to write about

  • Work experience 
  • Additional independent learning – virtual courses/MOOCs/ documentaries/ books/periodicals etc., – the list is endless ( these are just a few suggestions)

In writing about these, you will want to focus on how any of these changed you.

With the 80:20 rule in mind ( 80% of your personal statement should be about the academic, 20% about your hobbies/ other activities. There is space to write about part-time work/Duke of Edinburgh’s Award/ music/drama etc., Keep your focus on the skills/personal qualities these activities have boosted. This shows an ability to self-reflect and learn – essential attributes at university.

Step 4: The End

Your conclusion should be like a mini Mars – short and sweet. Consider the final thoughts you want to leave the reader with – what can you bring to your chosen course? – ability, energy, commitment etc., Share your thoughts for your future – even if you have not fully decided what that future looks like just yet.

At Pain Free Personal Statements, our consultants offer a range of services – from a free consultation call, a lightning review of your statement right through to a complete writing service.  If we do not believe we can help, or if you do not think we can – there is no obligation!

To learn more about our services, check out ‘About Us‘ or ‘Our Approach‘.  If you have any further questions, drop them inot the chat bot or send us an email – we will be happy to help

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