Speciality Statements

Speciality Statements

With greater competition for the top universities and the most popular courses, you need to make sure that your personal speciality statements set you apart from the crowd.  We can help!

Speciality Statements

How can Pain Free Personal Statements Help?

Bespoke Speciality Statements

We work with each and every candidate to develop and deliver a crafted and personalised statement. We work collaboratively with you to ensure a great finished product.


Medicine, dentistry, veterinary, teaching.....
Whatever your passion, your statement will reflect your skills and achievements and ensure that your personality and suitability is communicated to the admissions team.


Our team have worked with candidates applying for undergraduate medicine, dentistry, veterinary and teaching courses throughout the UK. Selection criteria and teaching approaches may vary between different institutions. We can help you choose the one that is the best fit for your unique blend of ability and interests.

What do we offer for Speciality Statements?

NO OBLIGATION: If after your call with our staff you don’t want to proceed, you can cancel your order and receive a FULL refund. Order Now!

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