Case Study: Moving into Nursing

Moving into Nursing

One of our most frequent requests here at Pain Free Personal Statements comes from individuals who have gone into employment straight from school, often in the care sector. Time passes and they decide to re-enter education to gain a nursing qualification.

Sara’s Story

Now aged 39, Sara had relocated to the UK in search of work in the early 00’s. She had grown up in West Africa, completed the West African School Certificate and taken a number of vocational courses before entering the UK. She quickly found work as a carer in a residential home, got married and had three children. With her youngest now at school, Sara decided the time was right for her to fulfil her ambition. She enjoyed her job as a carer but knew she had the ability to go further.

Before she contacted Pain Free Personal Statements, she had started studying Health &Social Care at her local college. Sara knew little about the UCAS application process. She did not have a draft of a personal statement and with the lockdown in place, was finding it difficult to get help in completing the online application.

What support did Sara receive from her designated coach/consultant at Pain Free Personal Statements ?

–  Initial video call discussion in which Sara outlined the help she needed.
– Advice on how to enter her African qualifications into the online form using shared screens.
– Check that all sections had been completed correctly.
– General tips for writing a personal statement – length, content, focus etc.,

At Pain Free Personal Statements, all initial calls are 100% FREE OF CHARGE.
There is no obligation to place an order, if you do not feel we can meet your needs.

In this case, Sara was happy to continue working with her consultant so a second video call was set up at a time which she chose herself. Based on the initial discussion and a CV which Sara had, her Pain Free consultant drew up a list of prompt questions. These were emailed to Sara in advance of the second discussion to help her collect her thoughts. To see the prompt questions used, please click here.

Second discussion – focus on raw material for personal statement based on
Sara’s individual responses to the prompt questions. To see final statement, please click here.

Some weeks later, Sara emailed again. This time she was excited. She had been called for interview for one of her chosen courses. The interview was via Zoom. Could we help her?  At Pain Free Personal Statements, we offer an end-to-end service so we were more than happy to direct Sara to our ‘bespoke services’ section to make arrangements for interview coaching.