Open Days

Open Days

What is an open day?

If you get a chance, it it is worth visiting a few universities to get a general idea of what to expect and what sort of institution will suit you.  Increasingly universities offer very detailed virtual open days with campus tours, walk through, Q&As and many other features.  Key and eye on the social media platforms to see what opportunities are on offer.  
Dependent on your needs and background location can be just as important as how good the university is for your desired subject.
Candidates may want to be near home, prefer campus living to city campuses or the collegiate system.

Open days are listed on university websites, and there are sometimes subject specific open days.
What matters to you?
No matter what course or university you are interested in, there are common questions to ask at each university.  

You should ask about living accommodation, not only about halls of residence for the first year, but options for living out of university owned accommodation, and whether you will need to do a lot of walking, cycling or driving.

As a candidate there will be areas which are more important to you – computing, sporting, social and library facilities, internet availability, catered accommodation or self-catered flats
Make the most of a campus tour!
During the open day, you will get a tour of the department and the area around it, which may be on foot or on a bus depending on the size and location of the university, with parents getting a separate tour.

These are good times to ask questions to staff and current students who can give you information that won’t be in prospectuses or on university websites!