Weekly Round Up – Week of 12 October

When we get a moment, we try and publish regular blog articles on interesting links, events or other resources that we feel may help candidates.  So where is our “Weekly Round Up – Week of 12 October”

At this time of the year our links tends to be very centred towards UCAS and postgraduate entry support.  If you find something you think would be useful to other candidates feel free to reach us here, on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

John Moores are running a personal statement masterclass this Thursday, so why not register.  We’ve worked with many candidates that have had successful applications there, and Liverpool is a great city!  They have lots of other events this week, so make sure to check out everything that is on offer.

  • Supporting your child with their application

The “Parents Guide to” is a great resource if you have teenage children, including supporting them with their personal statement.  We do have parents getting in touch with us, wondering if we can help with their child’s statement.  They publish lots of resources for parents and we recommend you check them out.

We cannot stress just how fantastic the resource the UCAS site is, and the services continue to develop.  With challenges in organising open days this year due to COVID, the range and frequency of virtual offerings means that there truly something for everyone.  So if you haven’t decided on the area that you would like to study – make sure you take in as many of the courses as you can!

If your university days or a thing of the past, or if you are wondering if the degree is the right one, this is a usual article.  The Chief Marketing officer of Reputation talks about the traditional career paths are no longer the norm the new challenges and opportunities for students, graduates and experienced hires.  No matter what stage on your career journey, this is a though provoking article

  • Overused Phrases

We often mention this in our articles and it is some of the most regular feedback for candidates.  Well, don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of the feedback from the University of South Wales as to the most common sentences in the statements they review