Clearing 2021:  Doing what is right for you

To anyone receiving their A-Level results today, congratulations !

A Level results different from your hopes and expectations ? Never fear – with over 30,000 places in Clearing 2021 available through UCAS, many golden opportunities are there for the taking.

What seems like a setback right now may turn out to be a real bonus. Our in-house expert at Pain Free Personal Statements shows you how you can make the most of Clearing:

Be Ready

1. Make a list.

You will have considered a range of universities and courses in your initial application. Rank these courses, universities and locations in your order of preference now that you have your results. This update is key to making wise choices at a time when speed is important.

2. Show courage and determination.

Pick up the phone to the university admissions team and use this chance to convince them that you are right for them. They will want to speak to you directly, not your parent or careers advisor. Treat the conversation with the admissions team like a mini interview. Use evidence from your personal statement to show them why you are interested and how your ability and personal qualities match the course.

3. Have some questions ready

Show genuine interest by having some specific questions ready. The burning topic of the moment is how universities are planning to teach students in the coming year. Ask about plans for online and face-to-face teaching in your course. Talking directly to a student or a post-grad. is a great way to find out about the nuts and bolts of university living. Ask if it is possible to speak to someone.

4. Take a step back

FOMO – fear of missing out – your friends and classmates are celebrating their success,buying duvets and saucepans for their first term at university. Naturally, you want to be part of it but you haven’t got the grades. Other routes exist. Taking a year out to repeat your exams or to work and save lack the glamour of university life but could prove much more profitable in the long run. Avoid making a hasty, ill-judged decision just to ‘fit in’.

5. What do I need ? – how to be clearing ready

  • Have your UCAS Log In, Clearing Number and Personal ID to hand before dialling
  •  Your personalised list of alternatives
  • Your exam results
  • Your Personal Statement
  • List of questions for the admissions team


Whatever your results today, or whatever you decide to do – our teams want to congratulate you on our results.  If you are considering taking some time and applying next year, our team may be able to help.  Check out our services to see how we may be able to help.  If it is an application for a job or an apprenticeship, or getting ready for 2022, our team can help.  Book a FREE review call to see how our team can support your application.