Looking for a teaching job? A number of our team here at Pain Free Personal Statements are former teachers, so they have particular skill in supporting candidates in the area.

Are you an NQT hoping to secure your first post; an experienced practitioner seeking a challenge; or are you dusting yourself down after a rejection?

Whatever the stage of your career or your needs, we believe that our team can help.  To understand the needs of candidates we offer a free 30 minutes review call with a consultant.  Why not book now?

Our consultants at PainFree Personal Statements offer 5 easy ways to enhance your application to make it really stand out.

1. The early bird……

Keen to secure the post advertised ? Get working on your application as soon as possible.

Too many applications bear the hallmarks of a last minute application – mistakes galore, no individualised reference to job description/person specification/school website.

Recruitment panels and school principals know that, in all likelihood, you will be applying for a range of posts but please, please, demonstrate on your form that you have researched the specific post and school you are applying to. Check out most recent OFSTED reports, school development plans etc.,. Weave the school priorities into your application. That tells those responsible for hiring that you have the potential to be a ‘good fit’ for the job.

2. What are recruiters in education interested in ?

Can you deliver on the student outcomes they have prioritised ? This is where time spent onresearching school priorities etc will yield rich rewards. Remember to include relevant,recent professional development also. Here at PainFree, we advise a five year cut-off point
for inclusion of all CPD courses, internal and external. Teaching, although it happens in a room with a bunch of pupils, is a team game. How can you show that you have worked well with others ? in student welfare as a form tutor, as a member of an academic department, in voluntary activities or extra-curricular activities beyond the classroom ?

3. Your application form is only one side of your profile.

Lots of recruiters will check out your online presence on all social media channels as a quick way of gaining an overall impression. Review your online presence, what does it say about you ? check your own opinions with those of someone you trust.

4. Proof-Read your application.

Better still, get someone with a good eye for detail to proof-read your application for you. Quite simply, you would be amazed at the number of applications for teaching which contain both spelling and grammatical errors. This is true at every level within teaching from
newbie to deputy principal.

5. Be honest and authentic.

Seems obvious but principals will very quickly spot gaps in employment etc., and will query them.

Let’s say you were employed on a temporary basis from January – April 2019. You might decide to be a little creative and write

  • 2019: Temporary Teacher, XXXX School.

Much better to give the specific dates in every case. Fudging arouses suspicion, avoid it.


Securing a teaching job is a challenge, and our team are here to help!  At PainFree Personal Statements, we offer comprehensive support for new teachers, those desiring a change of scenery or promotion.

If you currently are in the process of applying, thinking of applying or dusting yourself down following a rejection, why not get in touch ? Our initial call is FREE OF CHARGE and comes without any obligation. Bespoke services can be tailored to your individual needs at very reasonable rates.