Considering changing your areas of study for postgraduate?  Interested in a Masters but not in the subject you did your Bachelors in?

Increasingly students are opting to pursue a new or unrelated subject for their postgraduate studies.  That can be for a variety interest from a new interest developed during your undergraduate to just realising that your undergraduate are is not where you want to work.

Whatever your reasons, the decision is yours.  However our team can help to ensure that you have a killer personal statement to support that decision!  Book a free call with our team to discuss your options and see if we can help.

Do some research

Before you even think about applying, carefully consider your options.

Don’t feel like you have to study a postgraduate degree to match your academic credentials to your hobbies or experience and boost your employability. Although employers are increasingly recognising postgraduate degrees, they tend to value passion and knowledge of the field more.

Would an internship or a entry level position in the area of interest be a better option.  Remember postgraduate study brings additional costs, and likely defers earning for a least another year, so consider you options.

Secondly, look at the different programmes on offer at multiple institutions and judge the kind of content they cover. The process of choosing the ‘right’ course which aligns with your interests and career prospects can be frustrating, but will be profitable in the future.

The application

Applying for a postgraduate degree is very different to a UCAS application.  The process may differ depending on the institution and varies from programme to programme.

As well as detailing your academic and work history, postgraduate applications usually require you to write a personal statement. This is your chance to elaborate on any relevant study or work history and discuss the strengths you will bring to the course.  If you are coming to the areas from a different area of undergraduate study, then you may have to consider how to sell yourself as a candidate to the instition.

Writing an effective personal statement is particularly important if you intend to change subjects for your Masters because this is where you can provide as much evidence that you’re an ideal candidate for a place on the course as possible.

Talk to us

Our team have helped hundreds of candidates who wished to apply for a different area of postgraduate study.  Why not take advantage of our 30 minute free review call so our team can help understand your motivations and see how we can help.