How can you avoid common mistakes in your personal statement?

One of the most common queries we get is “What are the most common mistakes in a personal statement?”.

To help candidates, we periodically publish examples of early drafts of statements that we receive.  In these drafts we include the initial comments from our team on first review of a personal statement, to allow visitors to understand what our team look for when they review early drafts.

If you haven’t started your statement as yet, do not worry as our team can work with you in order to ensure you develop your statement to avoid these issues.

Today’s example is a personal statement for a candidate who was applying for courses related to software engineer.

Sample Personal Statement – Computer Science (Sample statement to download)

The candidate had sent our team their initial draft and the comments included are based on this review, before speaking to the candidate.

In terms of high level feedback, some of the areas that our team noted included:

  • Lack of detail and clarity in the examples provided,
  • Failed to explain transferable skills developed, and
  • Missed opportunities to outline leadership skills.

Our team worked with this candidate to restructure and revise this statement in order to ensure it more celarly articulated the experiences of the candidate.  The key to a personal statement is to ensure that it makes you stand out to the admissions team.

The team here at Pain Free Personal Statements are here to help.  We provide expert advice in creating bespoke personal statements for candidates in order to give you the best chance of securing an offer for your preferred university. Check out our reviews here or on Facebook from some of our previous clients.

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