2021 Postgraduate:  With graduate schemes and interships reduced as a result on ongoing COVID challenges, we have a seen a rise in enquiries for postgraduate support.

The Guardian reported similiar trends in an article this week, with applications higher than in the equivalent period last year for 2021 Postgraduate courses

At Pain Free Personal Statements, we can support your journey every step of the way.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do not want to proceed after an initial call with one of our team.

Applications on the rise means that it will be harder to secure the place on the programme that you may have your eye on.  So, how can you make sure that your application stands out?

Tips from our team

  • Research the area and the programme
  • Link the application to your studies, your experience and your interests
  • Apply early, if you can
Research, Research, Research

If you are planning a 2021 postgraduate application, frame your deliberations with the simple question, “why am I applying?”

Dependent on the candidates, there can be a variety of answers to this questions.  For some it is to allow to continue the study of the area that you are covering at undergraduate level and you wish to cover in more detail.  Other may wish to study a different area for postgraduate such as a Law Conversion Course or to add additional areas. Some candidates may feel that it as an option as they are not sure what they want to do for a career yet.  Certain candidates may have applied for graduate schemes this year and not received a place, so this wish to bolster their CV  All of these are valid views depending on your position!

No matter where your starting point – when considering the programme, go back to the “Why?”

  • University has leading edge course or lecturer
  • Programme is a specific area that I am interested in, or I want to boost my skills
  • I feel I need this extra qualification to help my job prospects

A Masters is a significant financial commitment and candidates should approach it with a very considered approach.  Focusing on the “why” will allow you to then detail and outline the reasons in your application.

Link Application to Studies or Experience

Postgraduate applications are different to UCAS applications in that candidates apply with several years of university of work experience to call upon.

You are likely to have a much firmer ideas of your goals and why you are attracted to the programme.  Make sure to articulate all of those in your statement, how your past experiences are aligned to the programme or what you achieve with this qualification.

For candidates that are considering courses which may be tangential to your original studies, you can still draw on the transferrable skills will making a compelling case for your place on the programme.  Perhaps you studied social sciences but are now fascinated with data analytics and their impact.

Apply Early

If you are sure that you want to go on to further study, why not apply early?

As we head towards exams and final assessment, you will have less time to work on any applications.  If you have a clear idea on what you want to do, then get the application complete.  Programmes take note of those candidates who show clear intent and a declared interest.

Applying for a postgraduate course is not like applying to UCAS.  For one thing, you are limited to 1500 words and 40 lines.  Most applications can be 1-2 pages, so you have greater space to discuss your background, experiences and motivations.  Our team have years of combined experience in supporting candidates from Masters all the way up to PhD, and we are there to support you.

Still not sure, then come talk to us!

We know that the decision on further study is a difficult one.

Our team are here to help and through the initial review call, we can help work out if this is the right path.  Perhaps it is not, and an internship or a job might be the choice instrad.  Our team strive to give candidates honest feedback and that is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you do not want to proceed after the initial review call, we refund in all cases.