The early bird catches the worm,begin your UCAS 2022 journey early!

Here are a number of key UCAS 2022 dates for your onward journey from where you are now to the next stage of your career.

  • 4 May 2021UCAS launch their online search tool. This is invaluable in helping you research ALL the options which are potentially open to you.
  • 18 May 2021– Apply 2022 will go live. You can register and begin your application from this date onwards.
  • 7 September 2021 – Completed applications for courses starting in Autumn 2022 can be submitted.

Here at PainFree Personal Statements, we know that the transition to a job which ticks all the boxes in your life is rarely 100% straightforward.

We support students at every stage – some examples of the types of candidates we work with on a regular basis

  • 6th Former with a definite plan;
  • the disheartened undergraduate who realised, shortly after beginning their course, that they had selected the wrong couses
  • the early career graduate who wants to ‘spec up’ their CV with a Masters;
  • the mid-career professional who ‘has nothing more to give’ in their current role and seeks intellectual refreshment through studying something which they are truly passionate about rather than the ‘safe’ environment they are currently moored in.

Whatver stage you are at, our team offers a full suite of services to support you, whatever your stage.

Whether you see yourself as any of the above or none, our key advice is


Make the UCAS website and indeed individual university/college websites your ‘go-to’ destinations in the coming months. Watch virtual Open Day presentations and keep an eye out for forthcoming virtual events at the universities and colleges you are interested in.

STUDY the course content in detail, how will teaching be delivered ? how will your progress be assessed ? what student support is available ? is it possible to defer entry ? etc., etc.,

AIMING HIGH – the good news is that elite institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge are making a real effort to diversify their student intake. However, thorough, thorough preparation is still the name of the game if you want to secure a place in either. READ, READ as widely as you can. Helpfully, most faculties provide online reading lists which you can delve into in the coming months. Do what most teenagers are very skilled at – ARGUE, ARGUE. It really helps clarify your thinking and alerts you to many different points of view . So tell me ‘Why is it OK to wear leather shoes but not a fur coat ?”

ASK FOR HELP – when it comes to articulating exactly why you are an eminently suitable candidate, many of you stumble. You do not put your best foot forward and deprive yourself of an offer you had set your heart on.

Talking to one of our consultants – we offer a virtual 30 minute consultation, FREE OF CHARGE may just be the ‘starter for 10’ you need.