UCAS is looking out for you !

At a crossroads when it comes to thinking about what to do after school or college ? UCAS- the universities and college application service are hosting a week-long event from 22-25 June 2021.

Call it a Reading Festival for your future, if you see what we mean !

You won’t need tents, beers or mates but you will get up-to-date advice about all aspects of university life, apprenticeships etc., etc., You name it, they have got it nailed, including the 100+ unis and employers who will be joining the UCAS team throughout the week.

Can’t make it during 22-25 June ? Register and you will still be able to access the live event on demand until 25 July. Park your doubts and worries and head on over to Discovery Week to find out more about the wide range of possible options open to you.

Here at Painfree Personal Statements, we recognise that making decisions about your future, regardless of your chronological age, is often a daunting and stressful experience. You will be offered all sorts of advice, some useful, most useless. You will fear making the wrong choices – wrong course, wrong university, wrong apprenticeship.

We have all been there. That is why we offer a completely free 30 minute review call to tease out your options. If you are then happy to place an order, we work intensively with you to develop a precise personal statement which is literally quite unique to you.

You will find our pricing structure very attractive but we guarantee you will be even more impressed with the service.