Sample Personal Statements:  Applying for related courses

Next up in our series of sample personal statements, is a very common example scenario where clients get in touch with us for advice.

Sample Statement:  Applying for two courses

This draft was submitted by a student applying for different courses. This approach is quite common in school leavers but it often presents difficulties when it comes to writing their personal statement. Having reviewed the statement, our advisors made the following points

It is absolutely fine to be unsure about your preferred course, very many 18 year olds are !

Our advice would highlight the following:

  • Opening paragraph needs to be more tightly focused on reasons why candidate has chosen these courses. In this case, it would be better to reflect how studying Maths and Chemistry have gripped your attention and made you see the world in a different way, inspiring you to further study in that area.
  • Second paragraph demonstrates an interest in Biology but develops interest in Maths and Chemistry to a very limited extent and fails to take the opportunity to link these subjects to chosen courses.
  • Third paragraph references additional reading without providing any examples. Additional activities mentioned but again fails to show how they would make the applicant suitable for their chosen course.
  • Conclusion needs development and link back to opening paragraph

As you can see, there is no significant issue with a personal statement that touches on different courses.  It just requires a slightly different approach!

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